Our philosophy and Vision

In this human technology century, technology product was designed and developed according to human needs, requires and desires. Beside technical from product, people also wish to have sincere in before, during and after sale service. Therefore we focus on this point, take human-oriented as our philosophy view to develop our product and provide unique services.

Our vision is giving the greatest service and provide high quality technology products to you. Everyone will have an unforgettable experience from us.



Our Mission

Now a day, most of the technology products are export from China to Asia, there is no doubt that China has success occupied Asia market. However the true is, a lot of Taiwan companies are specialized in technology product field, their products quality are as well as China brand and even better than some of them. We are trying our best to bring our technology and culture to South East Asia countries, let customer feel the inside good of our product and passion from our culture.

We note that South East Asia is having low average income circumstances. Most of Asian people cannot afford high product price. So we are trying jump out from manufacturer, pass wholesaler and straightly face to end user. We believe that reduce some intermediate distributor can lower down the selling price effectively without sacrifice product quality and service experience. Our mission is set up our own retail in countries and provide services to our customer directly.



Why you should buy from us?

Polybatt Technology was founded on 2005. We have years experience in manufacture battery and power bank. In past few years, we had exported almost 500,000 pieces power bank to Japan and our defect rate is only 0.03%.

We promise that you will have good experience on buying product from us. We will always satisfy your requests and needs, and provide the best sale service. With your support, we could set up more retail in South East Asia. Which mean more people will be able to get benefit from us.



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